Project Description


ALDI Store Torrington Leasehold Fitout

Newlands fitted out the cold-shell of the ALDI Torrington store for our
return client. The works were to a tight schedule and we delivered to our
clients satisfaction. There was 1200m􀃰 of retail floor and a warehouse of
400m􀃰; this is one of the larger ALDI Stores in the region. Our task was to
complete the lessees works that included a complete fit-out of the
Air-conditioning and Ventilation Plant, Back of House Cold rooms and
Freezers, Retail Display Cabinets, Floor Coverings, Ceilings, Electrical
works and many other tasks to deliver to the architects satisfaction. The
design theme is modern with a market feel and we are pleased with the
creative outcomes from our subcontractors and suppliers and proud to be
partnered with the household name ALDI.

Client ALDI
Sector Retail and Office
  • Large 1,600m2 New Retail Commercial Build
Key Personnel
  • Ian Rosenthal
  • Darryl Green
  • Toby Carter
Contract Value $1m
Project Length 6 Months