Project Description

Drayton Ambulance Station and Local Ambulance Station Networks Office

New QAS and LASN Office in Drayton

The works comprised of the construction of the New Ambulance Station & LASN Office Toowoomba. The total site area was 4730m2 with a total floor area of 974m2 and an external paved area 1450m2. The building classification was class 5/7 and the construction type was type C.

The overall structure was divided into two main distinct areas, the New Ambulance Station which services the day to day running of the emergency service that the Queensland Ambulance provides to the community. The station was constructed with a main plant room that houses four Sprinter ambulances, storage room and high security drug store. Incorporated as a second section to the plant room is the multipurpose rest and study rooms, office, write up, day room, clinical practice area and kitchen. These area where designed under the co-ordination of Newlands lead designer, Bevan Austin, and had to conform to the specific requirements of the QAS, but were also designed to provide a functional, practical and serene environment for the QAS staff.

Separate to the station, but which formed part of the main office building was the LASN Offices. This area was designed and constructed in conjunction with the QAS brief and specification and was co-ordinated by Beavan Austin to provide a tranquil yet functional office space for the QAS staff. The fit out comprised of ergonomic furniture, fixed joinery and white goods. A deck was constructed on the back of the building providing stunning views over Drayton Harbour. No detail was overlooked with the integration of feature battens, recycled building components and new age technologies to provide the best possible outcome for the QAS staff within their budget requirements.

The build also consisted of an all-encompassing security and access system, back up generator, roof mounted solar system, PWD access ramps, flag poles, storage shed, bin store, carport, retention basin and landscape gardens.

Overall, the project met all the expectations of the Queensland Ambulance Service and was an achievement to all team members involved in the project. This project was completed within a 6 month time frame.

Address 15 Shepperd Street, Drayton
Client QBuild
Sector State Government and Office
Contract Value $2.8m