Project Description

Amaroo Eco Classroom


The project is a new classroom at Amaroo Environmental School. Due to
the nature of the school the building has been constructed to a green star
rating. Green star is an internationally recognized sustainability rating
system and ensures the building is constructed in the most ecofriendly way
possible, resulting in minimum wastage of building materials, reduction in
energy wastage, minimizes harm to the local ecology of the site and by
discouraging environmental degradation. This classroom consists of
eco-friendly concrete to footings and slab using Wagner’s EFC concrete,
which is a product that reduces the use of concrete powder in the mix and
is replaced with recycled bi-products, rammed earth wall from local soils,
low VOC paints and materials, includes temperature probes to highlight to
the students the effectiveness of insulation and viewing sections of
external walls and ceiling compositions. Amaroo Environmental School will
have several benefits from this new classroom and be a great asset to the

Address 90 Klienton School Rd, Klienton
Client Department of Education
Sector State Government
  • New Construction Green Star Rating
Key Personnel
  • Ian Rosenthal
  • Alex Horsfall
  • Warwick Callaghan
Contract Value $400k
Project Length 5 Months