Project Description


Construction of new Manual Arts & Agricultural shed

This project was the construction of a new manual arts shed for the
Rosewood State High School. The base of the building is on a concrete
slab that exceeded all structural certifications, the structure of the building
consists of structural steel members. The shed is wrapped in a bubble
wrap insulation which will help keep the shed cool in the hot weather, and
warm in the cold weather. For access into the manual arts shed there are
two PA access doors on the north and south of the building, there is also a
total of 6 rollers doors that provide access and circulation within the shed.
There are several special features about this project such as the weld bays
that have been installed, there is a total of 8 bays that include welding
tables, matts and a quench tank. Along with the weld bays there are 8
extraction systems that connect in with the weld bays for the removal of all
the welding fumes and smoke. A large fan has been installed in the
Manual Arts Building to help with air flow and circulation, the fan is 3.6m in
diameter which will provide plenty of circulation. This shed will be a huge
asset to the school and its students as it provides are much larger learning
space for the students.

Address 46 Lanefield Street, Rosewood
Client Honeywill
Sector Education
  • New Commercial Construction
Key Personnel
  • Bevan Austin
  • Carl Horsfall
  • Michael Burchman
Contract Value > $500K
Project Length 5 Months