We are a construction company delivering projects across civil, commercial, industrial, water infrastructure and engineering. Typically our projects run between $2–10m, and larger when required.

Our goal hasn’t changed, together we build infrastructure to enrich our communities. 

We know your town cannot be without water, your school must open on a certain date, your development needs to finish in time for a local event. We are dedicated to achieving success for our clients, our employees and the community.

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We employ skilled professionals with experience in all forms of  construction.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, enabling us to work quickly, efficiently and with flexibility.

We are a close team, dedicated to the success of our clients and community. We value our team because we know that our people are what shape our company.



We treat communities with respect: using local contractors, spending money locally, providing equal opportunity and diversity, and creating upskilling and mentoring opportunities.


We are here to do the best quality work by the communities we operate in. You can count on our formal ISO quality certifications and our uncompromising quality culture.


Our safety systems ensures our people are protected so they can do their best possible job every day. Safety first is simply the way we do business. We look out for ourselves and those around us.


Minimum impact, maximum care. Our eye is firmly on the future when it comes to keeping our environmental footprint light and our projects fully sustainable.


Social investment and community participation is important to us.

We work hard to give back to our community. Our giving program extends across many organisations that need a hand: South West LifeFlight, Save a Life program, Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Protea Place, Sunrise Way, Toowoomba Mountaineers, and USQ Saints Rugby to name a few.