Bulk and General Earthworks

Bulk and general earthworks capabilities Clearing, grubbing and mulching Demolition and removal Borrow pit development including material conditioning Materials control and screening All forms of… Read more

Plumbing, Drainage and Pipelines

plumbing, drainage and pipelines DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF Pressure sewer mains General stormwater drainage Precast and cast-in-situ manhole systems Cross and longitudinal drainage Detention and retention… Read more

Road and Pavement Construction

road and pavement construction CAPABILITIES Construction, reconstruction and widening All aspects of pavements and surfacing At grade intersection and channelisation works Intersection upgrades All sizes… Read more

Structural Concreting

structural concreting CAPABILITIES Cast-in-situ reinforced concrete Culvert and other drainage structures Spread footing foundations Structural and non-structural slabs Expansion joints Pile foundations… Read more

Utility Services - Location, Design and Relocation

utility services - location, design and relocation SERVICES IDENTIFICATION Underground and overhead low voltage and high-voltage electricity Water reticulation (pressure and gravity) Storm water… Read more

What's Happening At Newlands?

24 October 2016

Nexus Projects

Toowoomba Second Range Crossing Works

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24 October 2016

Walton Stores Handover

Newlands Group hands Walton Stores tenancies over to Walton Stores

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